Childrens’ book publication by Ilona Bray:

From The Innovation Press (September 2017):

Mossby’s Magic Carpet Handbook: A Flyer’s Guide to Mossby’s Model D3 Extra-Small Magic Carpet (Especially for Young or Vertically Challenged People).

“Congratulations, new owner of a Mossby’s Model D3 Extra-Small Magic Carpet, Especially for Young or Vertically Challenged People. Not sure where to start? Never fear, our Mossby’s Magic Carpet Handbook contains all the information you need to navigate the skies, deal with altitude, wind, and weather, and triumph in tough situations. In no time, we’ll have you ready to meet fellow carpet riders (and the occasional annoyed goose), sample unusual food, and visit the people, animals, and landmarks of the world!…”

So advertises the mysterious book you’ve just received in the mail, from a great aunt you’ve never met. Paging through, you find it filled with not only handy instructions, but your great aunt’s handwritten notes. More exciting still, she promises that, when you’ve proven yourself ready, her magic carpet will be all yours! But there’s no time to waste. Only your great aunt can tell you the Magic Word that makes the carpet fly, and she’s getting, uh, just a tad forgetful.

Can you learn what’s in the handbook in time? Will you be ready to embark on high-flying adventures around the world?

What ages is this book for?

The mix of fantasy, science, and other information found in this book makes it particularly appropriate for kids ages 7 – 13. Fully illustrated on every page, it also works as a read-aloud for younger kids.

Where can I get a copy or additional information?

The first (and best) place to try is your local independent bookseller. For online ordering, go to the book’s page on Indiebound. You’ll have the option of ordering directly or placing your order through a local bookstore’s online system.

Click here for a sample from inside this handbook. (It will open in Google Drive; you may have to click the “Download” arrow.) Or you can watch as a disembodied hand turns the pages.

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  • “A savvy instruction manual for new magic-carpet owners . . . required reading for flights that will be as safe as they are exhilarating.” — Kirkus Reviews
  • Chosen for the Children’s Book Council’s August, 2017 “Hot Off the Press” list, which “features anticipated bestsellers, either recently released or forthcoming, published by CBC members.”
  • “Learn loads without even realizing it through this hilariously clever magic carpet handbook!” — Syncopated Mama.
  • “What makes this book stand out is that not only is there the fun magical premise of how exactly to operate a magic carpet (with practical advice on bathroom issue and such), but the carpet flying is also a cool framework for expository nonfiction.” — Charlotte’s Library