About Me

At the age of eight, living in Seattle, Washington, I decided that I’d reached the pinnacle of what life had to offer. I knew enough (or so I thought) to understand and deal with the world, but I was still young enough to, ahem, get credit for being precocious.

Never again since then have I thought I was at a perfect age! So, since I can’t go back in time, my next best choice is to write stories and books for people who are, currently, somewhere in the range of eight years old.

This, I might add, gives me a perfect excuse to read books written for kids. It’s a wonderful world to live in — with the emphasis being on “wonder.”

As for getting my own books and stories out into the world, that’s finally happening, after receiving piles of rejection letters. See the Books page for details.

To get in touch or to schedule a reading or other event (preferably in California’s Bay Area), please email ilona[at]ilonabraylit.com.

Also, check out my blog interview on Kidlit411.com and radio interview on KPFA:


Oh, and if you’re looking for that other Ilona Bray — the one who writes practical books on legal and other matters for Nolo — yes, that’s me too, and you’ll find the relevant info on this part of the Nolo website.